2020 NPM Online Curator Project

With the goal of promoting art education and cultural cultivation, the National Palace Museum has actively promoted its Open Data materials in recent years to open and share its collection with the world. To further promote its Open Data, the NPM developed an online curation platform and organized the “2020 NPM Online Curator Project” for the first time, inviting the public to use artifacts from our Open Data platform as inspiration, and become a “curator” by developing their own curatorial concept and exhibition contents. During the competition, the NPM conducted a two-stage evaluation. Participants were required to film their own 3-minute animation/short video and showcase their content and design, as well as how their exhibition highlights the significance of the National Palace Museum’s national treasures. Those who have passed the preliminary stage will be able to curate their projects online via the museum’s online curatorial platform. After completion, judges will review the curated works on this platform for the final evaluation. During the process, the museum also organized lectures related to exhibition curation to provide the selected candidates with further knowledge of the museum’s collection and curating exhibitions.

The online curatorial platform allows users to curate and view online exhibitions and features a variety of layouts. The selected candidates can freely use the platform to curate their own exhibitions and upload pictures and videos to complete their exhibitions. In addition to allowing the public to curate their own digital exhibitions, it is also a platform for people with dreams of becoming a curator to showcase their talent. Through the platform and project, we hope to bring art and culture closer to the public and jointly create a friendly, open, smart, and universal museum for all.