Art Olympics

In this battle between museums, audience members on Zoom and Facebook Live vote for their favorite works of art in a quickfire competition. Two museums show off their best and most unique works from their collections, sharing an artwork that best fits the different categories each round. Rounds have included categories such as ‘Largest Object’ and ‘Weirdest Object’, with a recent March Madness themed tournament edition of the program using fun basketball-related terms like ‘In the Paint’ and ‘Three Pointer’ to challenge the museums to interpret the topic and select a corresponding artwork.

This program has been successful in bringing new audiences to our museum through the partnerships with other institutions and combined marketing efforts. It is an opportunity for people to travel to different museums around the country (in some cases around the world) from the comfort of their own home, and to engage with art in an informative and playful way.

This program as well as the Escape From the Ballentine House experience – the other program we submitted for consideration for the GLAMi award – are discussed also in the paper:  From Nada to Gaga: Rapid Transformation in the time of COVID-19. Two case studies. They are both example of the successful and rapid pivoting that the museum was able to do towards digital programming as a result of the pandemic. 

Here are the video of the 7 events we had so far:

Example of event pages

Marketing video