CANAL MARCH is the “netflix” of Spanish-speaking Arts & Culture. Its thousands of audios and videos comprise a vast number of lectures, classical music and jazz concerts and art documentaries related to the cultural activity which has been taking place since 1975 at Fundación Juan March, a premier cultural center in the center of Madrid.

CANAL MARCH is not a simple website. It is designed with the aim of making knowledge discoverable, appealing and covetable. All content is tagged and organized in playlists and collections that are original and never-ending. It also livestreams all the Fundación’s concert and lectures (more than 200 events per season) totally free of charge turning your living room into an auditorium. CANAL MARCH also hosts the Foundation’s brand new podcast and documentary series which feature some of the most important stories and protagonists of Spain’s culture scene.

Version 1.0 of the platform was launched in October 2020. It was developed in REACT technology which provides a seamless experience of high definition instant viewing. The CMS was developed in Drupal. Future versions will include an improved user experience and personalization features, such as log-in, individual playlists, the ability to enter comments and provide ratings, and personalized content.

In April 2021 a CANAL MARCH TV app will be launched, and will be available in the Samsung TV app store, the Apple Store and Google App store (for Android TV). The app will be a TV-optimized version of the webapp, taking advantage of the REACT development done to date.

Canal March TV app screenshot
Canal March TV App screenshot
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Canal March screenshot (video and playlists)
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Canal March on tablet
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