Eileen Gray Online Exhibition

When Covid-19 hit New York City in March, Bard Graduate Center was forced to close its Eileen Gray exhibition that had opened to the public just two weeks earlier. With no timeline for reopening and limited access to the gallery space, the curatorial staff coordinated with the Director of DH/DX (Digital Humanities and Exhibitions) at the institution to devise a plan to bring the exhibition to life online. These efforts resulted in an interactive exhibition featured in the New York Times that reimagined the objects and research on display in the gallery and aimed at reaching a global audience during the pandemic.  The project became the foundation for institutional thinking about the presentation and lifecycle of exhibitions. The site made visible the ephemeral nature of exhibition-making, featuring wall labels, tombstones, in-gallery interactives, and digital media. This preserves the intellectual and creative labor of curators, researchers, and designers and creates a rich resource for scholars and visitors. In addition, new features not possible in the gallery or not conceived of at the time of the exhibition’s launch were implemented through periodic updates which brought in new visitors and created a vibrant and extended life for the exhibition.