Escape from the Ballantine House

Escape from the Ballantine House is a virtual immersive escape game played in small teams via zoom. It takes a real life 1880’s mansion in downtown Newark, NJ, which is part of The Newark Museum of Art, and makes it the location for an escape room. Players are given factual information about the home and history of Newark, while cracking codes and uncovering clues in order to get out in time. Throughout the game players find clues that have QR codes attached. This allows players to all feel involved as they scan the QR code and work with their team to use the clues throughout the game. Players explore the house virtually, clicking on things they find. They might happen upon old journals, newspapers, or even morse code, on their journey to escape the house.

This program reaches an audience that might not necessarily be interested in museums and offers a chance to share the experience of being within the Ballantine House even though it is closed. Not only are the art, artifacts, and the history of the house explored, this game enables team building in a time when many people are unable to meet in person.

This experience is normally facilitated by two people (a technical host and a character in the game). The link to the game is shared by the host  during the session and each team has 45 min to solve all the puzzle and escape the house.

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