Hue Museums Cultural Map & Directory

The Hue Museums Cultural Map & Directory, the first of its kind, consists of culturally-specific museums created by and centering Black, Indigenous, and People of Color across the United States. Although widely-differing, they are united in their vision to bolster greater advocacy and representation in the field. These museums have broadened our collective understanding of art and history by showcasing creative practices and cultural contributions. This has helped counter art historical omissions, misconceptions, and problematic depictions of BIPOC communities. This database aims to elevate these organizations’ presence, amplify their work, and increase support for their activities.

BIPOC museums have been part of the nation’s cultural landscape for many years but there is a lack of aggregated data and information that tells the stories of these important institutions. Through ongoing comprehensive research and compilation of culturally-specific museums, visitors to the site can filter their searches by different categories, names, and locations to learn more about these entities. The interactive map and directory has over 150 museums, and the list is still growing. It is an invaluable resource for professionals in the museum field, philanthropy, peer organizations, and the general public. This web-based platform provides a rich visual and textual record that contextualizes a larger spectrum of US museums and communities to help advance racial equity throughout the sector.