Interplay: Art Play for All

Launched in December 2020, Interplay allowed anyone to bring digital art into their home. The goal was to foster creativity and happiness during a particularly challenging moment in the community history, with regional closure orders and rising COVID rates. The Akron Art Museum commissioned an artist, Adana Tillman, to create digital artwork inspired by the Akron. Patrons could download a pdf poster of the work or receive a free 18×20 poster, given out at essential businesses during the state closure. Bluecadet created a web AR When viewed with the camera of a smartphone, the poster was activated. Patrons could interact and transform the artwork, ostensibly collaborating with a contemporary artist. The posters were eventually distributed at two dozen local businesses and at the museum (as well as online). 5500 posters were given out in two weeks. Patron feedback was overwhelming good.