The museuobert project is a digital-based initiative that wants to bridge the gap between people and cultural heritage through joining collective forces ( The main idea, which was developed by Coeli Platform and Nubilum, was set into action in just two weeks during the  “global lockdown” as a response to the closure of museums. Community-building is the central axis of museuobert’s space, given the openness and plurality of this platform, which currently counts on the presence of twenty-four GLAM centres from the Catalan territory and holds almost 60,000 pieces online. The wide range of diversity that is in continuous growth –from museums dedicated to wine, to archives centred on attire or places of botanical research–, comes together as a unique force in museuobert to celebrate the variety of cultural heritage and bring it closer to the public. Along these lines, one of the fundamental pillars of museuobert’s initiative devolves upon digital communication. The role of social media cannot go unnoticed, due to its horizontal and multi-directional nature, which opens the doors to a space of exchange based on the dissemination of cultural heritage 2.0. The case of museuobert is an example of how digital tools can be used to promote the wealth of museums’ collections through sharing their content, as well as creating a cultural network online. We are willing to put a special focus on how building communities online, added to the successful usage of digital communication, are at the very heart of today’s and tomorrow’s path to highlight the social importance of cultural heritage.