People of the Southwest Virtual Tour

The People of the Southwest virtual tour brings our museum home to visitors who cannot visit due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Normally, the museum hosts hundreds of school children for a free field trip sponsored by the museum. With the generous support of the Frank C. Hibben Trust, the museum was able to produce the virtual tour for at home learning. Developed as a guided “conversational narrative,” the film takes visitors through the exhibit and provides a close up look at artifacts on display or in the museum’s collections. Led by the Curator of Archaeology with supplemental laboratory tours by staff from the UNM Office of Contract Archeology, the film also features an emergence and migration story told by a Zuni elder. As such the film explores diverse ways of knowing the past and its continued relevance and meaning to contemporary communities.  Objects, places and ideas featured in the film are put into context revealing their meaning to people associated with them in the past and today.