Remains of the Landscape: An Illuminated Historical Map of CHIAYI

Chiayi, where mountains, plains, and the coast intersect, is home to rich natural landscapes that have nurtured generations of immigrants. cultural diversity defines what Chiayi is today. Using Geographic Information System (GIS), Memories of Tsulo to present a wealth of cultural data from old maps, local gazetteers, palace memorials, and other historical archives, embedding historical data in their historical context and visualizing the human interactions and demographic shifts of Chiayi over the past few centuries.

The exhibition presents the topography of Chiayi with3D printed models and offers three modes of interaction through a combination of 4K projection mapping, infrared touch screen, and AR. STORY Mode narrates the people, events, and objects of Chiayi in all their diversity. EXPLORATION Mode encourages viewers to discover historical traces in geographical spaces, thereby adding dimensions to traditional ways of narrating history. CO-CREATION Mode invites viewers to express their personal emotions for landmarks in Chiayi, weaving together memories of Chiayi that belong to our era.