The Gogo Guide

The Gogo guide is a visionary app providing visitors to the WA Museum Boola Bardip with a unique and highly immersive view of some of that State’s most significant cultural artefacts. 

Gogo features two options for the user: Let Us Guide You is a curated adventure through the Museum, while Go Your Own Way allows the visitor to choose their own adventure.

Using oral histories, letters, photographs, videos and expert interviews, and some augmented reality, Gogo provides a rich new experience for visitors.

Gogo draws on the user’s emotions and senses as they navigate their way through the collections, directed by specially placed Bluetooth beacons around the Museum. The experience is supported by digital labels, prompting the visitor’s curiosity to explore further.

The mobile experience is designed to seamlessly complement the Museum’s collection with cinematic soundscapes and authentic storytelling featuring the diverse stories of Western Australian people and showcasing places from around the State.  

Once the visitor puts the headphones on it’s like stepping inside a film where the exhibits become a stage for the story to unfold as they wander around the Museum.

Our technology enabled us to layer emotive sound with first-person narratives based on the visitor’s location in the gallery, allowing people to lose themselves in another time and place and just enjoy the moment.

Through close collaboration with the Museum, our content team was able to dive deep into its collections and unearth surprising and intriguing stories.

The new experience is powered by our Museum Operating System (MOS), an innovative platform that will allow the Museum to add new content over time to ensure it is fresh and relevant to keep visitors coming back for more. 

The Gogo app is available for free download to your own Apple or Android device. If you don’t have a device, one can be hired from the Museum’s information desk.