The Primer: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Want that “insider’s” perspective on some of what’s new at The Met? The Primer is your dynamic introduction – mobile-first, just the way you like it. Skim stories, explore video, and animations, and get a handle on key themes to explore further, whether that’s in person or online. So far we’ve launched eight Primers, which highlight both temporary exhibitions and parts of the permanent collection. Recent Primers illuminate the art of Gerhard Richter “In his own words,” Alice Neel’s oh-so-contemporary love affair with NYC, a few surprises in the new British galleries, a peek behind-the-scenes of The Met’s first 150 years, and a storybook journey through Medieval art at The Met Cloisters.

A composite image of the Primer's interactive hotspot, close-looking interactive feature rendered on mobile and desktop.
The Primer includes interactive modules such as the above illustrated “Hotspots” gallery which consists of a slider of interactive images with clickable points that allow users to zoom in on key image details with accompanying texts.