MoMA’s Security Officers Speak for Themselves


Friday, April 16, 2021: 9:00am - 10:30am - - Plenary

Alethea Rockwell, Museum of Modern Art, USA, Jose Colon, Museum of Modern Art, USA, Chet Gold, Museum of Modern Art, USA, Rabbila Konock, Museum of Modern Art, USA, José Martinez, Museum of Modern Art, USA, Christine Murray, Art Processors, USA, Kevin Reid, Museum of Modern Art, USA, Chemi Rosado-Seijo, MoMA, Puerto Rico, Joseph Tramantano, MoMA, USA, Brian Wilson, MoMA, America, Hannah Fagin, Museum of Modern Art, USA

What happens when you truly give over your interpretive programming to people who do not typically have creative power within museums? What happens when you turn a Museums & the Web panel over to those same folks? Find out with this group of MoMA security officers who will discuss their collective project Beyond the Uniform from 2019-2020.
Centered around the creative visions of artists and security officers José Colon, Chet Gold, Rabbila Konock, José Martinez, Kevin Reid, Eva Luísa Rodríguez, Eric Scott, Joseph N. Tramantano, and Brian Wilson, this panel discussion will dive into the origins and outcomes of their project “Beyond the Uniform,” organized in collaboration with socially-engaged artist Chemi Rosado-Seijo. Collectively, the officers created a museum-wide audio guide full of original stories and music, led art-making workshops and gallery talks, performed as a band, and organized a public panel. They broke many rules for museum education and interpretation, defied institutional expectations, and built a new culture of shared authorship within MoMA. In the process, they invented original and important readings of works in the collection that offer new relevance to diverse audiences.
Hear from these essential museum workers, as well as the MoMA educators and the audio producer who worked behind-the-scenes to support their vision.