Digital learning resources for museums and teachers with LessonUp

Crit Submission

Friday, April 16, 2021: 2:00pm - 3:30pm - - Crit Room

Iris Harpman, LessonUp, Nederland

LessonUp is a platform to teach and to easily create interactive lessons and is available to anybody who wants to create, share or use a lesson: teachers, schools, museums and foundations. 

Due to COVID-19, museums have been pushed to make their content digitally available. At the same time LessonUp has grown a lot too since teachers needed a tool to teach with. This occured in our home country The Netherlands as well as in other countries. When we started our platform in 2015 we discovered that once museums used our platform, more teachers got interested and vice versa.

Our crit session will invite participants to interact with two lessons from two museums who already work with LessonUp: the Van Gogh Museum (NL) and the Migration Museum (UK). 
We want to help museums and teachers as much as we can with the tools we provide on our platform. That’s why we want to actively involve the participants and let them think about our “the chicken or the egg dilemma”. Can LessonUp help museums internationally (so museums become pioneers on the platform) or does LessonUp first need more international teachers/users to interest more museums?

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