Digital Presence and Personal Digital Strategy

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Monday, April 05, 2021: 2:00pm - 5:00pm - - Workshop

Max Evjen, Michigan State University, USA

We are often introduced to new platforms that we adopt without thinking much about how we operate in the digital sphere and whether or not we wish to change our behavior in one way or another. It may be difficult to understand the big picture of our digital presence, hard to keep track of just how invested we are in digital platforms.  Even if we understand our digital presence, we may wish to engage certain audiences in one way or another but not know where to start, or how to plan effectively for that engagement.  In this workshop, we will explore David O. White’s Visitor and Resident Model for digital presence, and will explore Jasper Visser and Jim Richardson’s Digital Engagement Framework, both as a means for being thoughtful about one’s own digital presence, and for building a strategy around one’s digital engagement. Attendees will walk away with their own plotted Visitor and Resident model, and with a filled out Digital Engagement Framework that they can use to build a Digital Strategy for themselves and/or for their own organization.

Digital Engagement Framework

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David O. White
Visitors and Residents