Teachers’ Zone: Engaging teachers online at the Canadian Museum of History (Breakout 2)


Tuesday, April 06, 2021: 12:00pm - 1:30pm - - Demonstration

Meaghan Dalby, Canadian Museum of History, Canada, Colin Chen, Canadian Museum of History, Canada

Using the case study of the newly created Teachers’ Zone, we will explore the challenges of digitally engaging a teacher audience across Canada. The Canadian Museum of History was called to create a digital education tool that works for our wide and diverse audience. Balancing the varied needs with a clean user experience was a formidable task. Armed with a digitized collection of over 3 million items, that includes objects, documents, audio and video clips, we aimed to present good historical content to teachers in a way that wasn’t overwhelming.

During the development process, we made sure to keep our teacher audience at the centre of every decision. We created a National Teacher Advisory group that gave us insight into the different realities of teaching across the country at different grade levels. We researched, surveyed, and tested almost every element, the result of which is a well-designed, informative, and useful website: the Teachers’ Zone.

We started this project before the global pandemic was a reality. However, it was launched in May 2020, in a very different teaching context from when it was developed. We have been making adjustments, as our audiences’ needs have changed.

Museum professionals who are interested in reaching a teacher audience digitally, particularly as virtual learning is becoming more prominent, will find this demonstration useful.

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