High School Programs: Bridging the Museum Diversity Gap


Friday, April 30, 2021: 2:30pm - 3:30pm - - Professional Forum

Alison Heney, PhD, MuseWeb, USA, Sarah Frost, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA, Marta Stewart, Duke Ellington School of the Arts, USA, Tiffaney Gardea, Millikan High School, United States

The goal of this session is to highlight the ways in which high school programs and mentorship projects are addressing critical museum issues concerning diversity and inclusion, and to explore the ways museums can help support them. Each panelist in this session represents a site of accomplishment, diversity, and a commitment to changing museum culture in the spirit of inclusivity. This, combined with the issues that their participants are interested in addressing such as mental health, racism, and representing indigenous communities, is an important reason why museums truly interested in equity should take a hard look at how they can pave clear career pathways for emerging High School students in both the arts and digital technologies.

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