redesign: A unique institution’s website success story

Lightning Talk

Wednesday, April 07, 2021: 5:00pm - 6:30pm - - Lightning Talk

John Meyerhofer, HMML, USA

Facing problems with the usability and functionality of our website, the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) recently underwent a website redesign. As HMML is dedicated to the digital preservation of other libraries, museums, and archives, the website required unique decisions about the structure, content, and design to facilitate online access and discoverability for multiple users. These include the scholars and our partner libraries, but also foundations, donors, and the general public interested in HMML’s unique mission to preserve endangered hand-written culture. For scholars, the website needed easy access to information about our collections and fellowships. For our partners, it had to present and, in many cases, represent them and their institutions as they may lack their own online presence. Finally, for foundations and donors, we had to represent HMML as a non-profit organization working on cultural heritage. In this lightning talk, learn how we were able to maximize our two person team’s talents, work with a volunteer, function with a limited budget, to create a highly functional website that is utilized around the world.