How do you keep language in a museum?


Monday, April 05, 2021: 4:30pm - 5:30pm - - Tour

Jill Robbins, National Museum of Language, USA, Laura Murray, National Museum of Language, United States

The National Museum of Language (NML) is a virtual, movable, outreach museum that aims to inspire an appreciation for the magic and beauty of language. Over the past 12 years, NML has developed in-person and virtual exhibits centered on these themes: Universal Aspects of Language, Language in Society and Languages of the World. These exhibits inform the general public on the influence of language throughout our culture and over the course of our history as a nation.

The National Museum of Language brings together people from diverse language circles – academic, governmental, social, business, scientific, literary, technological – and provides a public forum through which they can focus attention on language as a human phenomenon and languages within broad cultural settings. A look at the speaker series shows the results of this focus on creating this public forum.

A tour of the events and exhibits offered by NML will show the evolution of the museum over its history as it has adapted to change brought about by developments in technology.

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