How to identify your museum’s economic impact on your community

How-to Session

Wednesday, April 07, 2021: 3:30pm - 4:30pm - - How-to Session

Eric Moraczewski, NMBL Strategies, USA, Dion Brown, ,

Published paper: How to identify your museum’s economic impact on your community

Eric Moraczewski and Dion Brown – NMBL Strategies’ CEO and Managing Director of Nonprofit Services respectively, look forward to sharing about the economic influence museums and green spaces make upon communities. Moraczewski and Brown are dedicated to NMBL Strategies’ mission to empower museums, nonprofits, and public-private enterprises through trusted consulting partnerships. NMBL’s consultants have real world experience and significant tenure within their fields and offer the most strategic return on investment to a broad range of clients.
This presentation is designed to engage audiences on a topic that often is a missed opportunity for museums and green space projects. Best practices will be shared on how to better quantify their economic effect on their communities. Now more than ever, these types of projects need to better explain the incredible impact they can generate both locally and nationally. In addition, the presentation will highlight some of NMBL Strategies’ consultants’ work with the B.B. King Museum, Gateway Arch National Park and National Blues Museum. Experiences will be shared on how these types of projects can create momentum by re-energizing communities. In addition, they can be the impetus for construction of everything from apartments to hotels. They help create collaborative efforts with government, local community leadership, and private enterprise. Lastly, they are a great opportunity to garner positive media coverage locally and nationally.
It will be a time where the audience is invited to think of opportunities of how they and the organizations they represent can positively affect their communities during this pivotal and significant time in our history. The speakers welcome plenty of Q&A to make the session dynamic and collaborative.