La Cristallina Polyphonic Virtual Museum: an international and transdisciplinary Interpretive WebXR museum project complementing a real community museum situated in an unreachable Colombian war zone.

Lightning Talk

Friday, April 30, 2021: 12:30pm - 2:00pm - - Lightning Talk

Suzanne Beer, INREV, Paris 8, France

La Cristallina Polyphonic Virtual Web Museum is an international and transdisciplinary (non-profit) Interpretive VR museum project complementing a real community museum situated in an unreachable Colombian war zone.
Polyphony is a democratic museographical principle, managing to include the multiple actors of this war zone into participating in the shared project of an archeological museum. It is the first challenge in which museology and cybermuseology participates to a political ideal, leading to a second challenge. Sharing their culture is the technological side of the challenge. Making a webXR project allows their intangible heritage to be widely spread to high-end systems and low-end mobiles, thus enabling worldwide internauts to experience their polyphonic message along subaltern museology in non-linear storytelling narratives.

The object of this communication presents an original virtual museum to the community. La Cristallina WebXR Polyphonic Museum conception introduces political and anthropological concepts to its cybermuseological approach. It shows how making a virtual museum can become a democratising project, when it creates a polyphonic intangible cultural heritage and selects technology to be in harmony with this endeavor. Anthropological concepts like subaltern methodology and heteroglossic spaces have historically participated in museological changes, but have been little explored in cybermuseography.

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