New Experience in Museums: Are you a pioneer, sitting on the fence or not considering?

Professional Forum

Friday, April 30, 2021: 2:30pm - 4:00pm - - Professional Forum

Corinne Estrada, Communicating the arts, Australia, Bruce Peterson, Grande Experiences, Australia, Giancarlo Giurini, J. Paul Getty Museum, United States

Regarding innovation,10% of museums are early adopters, 60% mainstream who will wait and see the response from the early adopters and 30% laggards.  Where do you stand? 

In the middle of COVID-19 pandemic, the Van Gogh Alive experience in Sydney was the number one cultural hit in Australia attracting 290,000 visitors in just 3 months at a stand-alone venue.  It was a multi-sensory storytelling experience utlising HD projected visuals, music and scent as integral elements. Grande Experiences (founded in 2006), the creator & producer of these digital, multisensory experiences started developing and touring this new way of engaging in art & culture over 10 years ago. The owner and President, Bruce Peterson is a pioneer and true innovator who wishes to bring traditional art and culture to new audiences – audiences that are growing up in enhanced, interactive, high-tech environments.  His exhibitions and experiences are immersive installations that use innovative technology with light, color, sound, scent, taste and touch (when covid allows). And they appear to be just as relevant and enjoyable for regular museum and gallery visitors.

While this digital shift brings curatorial challenges within cultural organizations, these multi-sensory exhibitions present a huge opportunity to attract new audiences and retain traditional visitors. At the Dali Museum in Florida, the Director Dr Hank Hine, has been the driving force behind the museum for 16 years.  At MW, Dr Hine explains why he chose to present the Van Gogh Alive experience in his museum and the decision making challenges faced.