MW Wellness and Resilience Room – Join Paige Dansinger to quick-draw “The Scream.”


Friday, April 30, 2021: 12:00pm - 12:30pm - - Other

Paige Dansinger, Better World Museum, USA

Stress and collective trauma have impacted our museum’s communities. Psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk claims trauma lodges in the body. Museums may use this knowledge to better support community members by activating muscles, sounds, and eye movements with their collections in unique ways. In this Wellness & Resiliency 30 minute session, we will explore some ways your museums may work to develop further innovations. 

Do you ever feel like screaming? Grab some markers, paint, or use Procreate app to join Paige Dansinger to quick-draw “The Scream.” Paige will demonstrate how, live in VR at Better World Museum in Rec Room (IOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam Oculus). Next, stretch like your favorite sculptures in an Emobdy Art activity with re-created works at Horizon Art Museum’s Sculpture Park. Finally, we will share MW Collective Wellness with a #MW2021 Twitter Flower Bomb. Each participant will tweet an uploaded drawing, photo image, or GIF of a flower to share a moment of joy, hope, and triumphant resilience with the world.

Paige Dansinger is the founder of Better World Museum, recognized by Facebook as one of the Top 117 Global Community Leaders (2018-2019). The museum’s mission is to use creative tech to dissolve isolation and feelings of powerlessness to create more resilient individuals, groups, and communities. With a focus on teens, women, and diverse leadership development, Better World Museum has presented at the WHO, TED, Facebook’s Global Wellness & Safety Summit, Nobel Peace Prize, Singapore, Shenzhen, Beijing, and more. Paige is a Pre-Alpha Community Creator in the new social world-building program Facebook Horizon. Her immersive Climate Exhibit “How do Bees Make Honey” is featured on the product’s intro video. Horizon Art Museum is an ever-expanding museum created with primitive shapes. Over 16 interactive, immersive gallery-worlds recreates museum works by Women Artists.