MW21 Trivia Night

Social Events

Monday, April 05, 2021: 7:30pm - 9:00pm - - Social Events

Jonathan Munar, Art21, USA

Put your #musetech knowledge to the test at the inaugural MW Trivia Night. In the tradition of pub trivia, teams of 2–5 will compete for prizes, glory, and conference-long bragging rights.

What is the most common tree species in the Walker Art Center sculpture garden? How many floor tiles are in the Great Hall of The Met? Did “Night at the Museum” really happen? You will hear none of these questions at MW21 Trivia Night. But you will be lightly peppered with a style of general knowledge quizzing that any hard working GLAM professional would be proud to conquer. And let’s be honest, we all worked very hard this past year. But pride won’t win you this trivia night. Or maybe it will. We can’t tell you how to play.

Be you an MW first-timer or a well-traveled regular, MW21 Trivia Night is open to all conference attendees.

Please feel welcome to either assemble your team of 2–5 in advance, or just show up and we will happily help match you with a team to call your very own.

Who will start off MW21 as the first-ever MW Trivia Night champion?

Who will be the team that everyone will be gushing over throughout the conference backchannels? (“Oh wow, I’m in the same session as the trivia stars!?”)

Who will let Jonathan know that this description ran way too long?

There’s only one way to find out: Trivia.