Plenary: Streaming Cultural Content: What can museums learn from the performing arts industry


Rich Cherry, Museum Operations, USA, Mandy Nace, The Philadelphia Orchestra, United States

Explore current and emerging digital technology opportunities for the performing arts and performing arts presenters’ role in digital arts and cultural dissemination.

Could cultural heritage organizations take a lesson from another cultural sector that has undergone profound structural change via digital technologies over the past year? Could they take advantage of trends in consumer digital technology and strategies, tactics and mechanisms of digital creation, dissemination of and interaction with content and digital innovation in performing arts initiatives and create new types of business models to increase engagement, grow revenue and expand and diversify audience.

Join a panel featuring Jim O’Neill, Principal Industry Analyst at streaming heavyweight Brightcove along with leaders from top performing arts organizations (TBD) that have made the transition to discuss the latest trends impacting the performing arts industry and explore the potential application of


current and emerging digital technology opportunities and how they might be applied to science, natural history and visual arts heritage organizations and facilitate the sustainable dissemination of cultural content.

This panel will be moderated by art historian and arts executive Maxwell L. Anderson who will bring his experience from 30 years as an art museum director and digital cultural innovator provocateur to bear on the subject and will explore the options to re-think cultural business models.