The One Minute app: developing inclusive narrative design at the Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust, UK(Breakout 4)


Tuesday, April 06, 2021: 12:00pm - 1:30pm - - Demonstration

Kevin Bacon, Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust, United Kingdom

This demonstration introduces the One Minute app, a simple visitor interpretation tool built on a powerful story editor. This is one of several experiments in inclusive narrative design that the Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust (RPMT) has been running in 2020/21 as a partner in the University of Brighton’s DigiPiCH project, which is researching ways of using digital technology to enhance well-being in civic museums.

The One Minute app was developed by the IT University of Copenhagen as part of its Gift project and has been released as open source software. It uses machine learning based image recognition software to enable visitors to scan artworks and other objects in order to access stories about the exhibits. The truly innovative element of the experience is the story editor that is designed to encourage curators and external collaborators to write narratives that accommodate the attention pattern of the visitor. This establishes a hybrid experience of digital medium and physical object rather than the more common mode of the digital medium providing supplemental content.

Having facilitated the testing of the app in 2019, RPMT is using a new deployment of the app as a tool for inclusive narrative design. It is exploring how rule based storytelling can lead to both more intellectually accessible interpretation and empower community co-production through negating the fear of the blank page and an expectation that someone should speak like a curator to have a voice in a museum.

This demonstration will show work on the app so far and some example content. It will also briefly reference some of the other inclusive narrative design experiments RPMT has conducted through DigiPiCH.

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