The ROMKids Show: the Royal Ontario Museum’s Initiative in Distance Learning for Families & Classrooms

Crit Room

Friday, April 30, 2021: 9:00am - 10:30am - - Crit Room

Sarah Chu, Royal Ontario Museum, Canada

It’s the ROMKids Show! Join Kiron Mukherjee, ROMKids Camp Director, every week for stories of science, art, and history. We talk with special ROM experts about everything from dinosaurs to mummies, citizen science to water equity, and often get crafty (and sometimes messy!) with art projects and science experiments. It’s half an hour that’s fun for toddlers, perfect for kids, and beloved by the adults isolated with them!

You can tune into the ROMKids Show every Tuesday at 2pm EST on Instagram Live on the @ROMToronto account. Missed it live? Find all the episodes on the ROMKids Show webpage and on YouTube.

The ROM helps people understand the past, make sense of the present, and come together to shape the future. We share global collections, create knowledge, and inspire learning on topics of art, culture, and nature that matter to people and communities.

To connect to this mission, the ROM’s virtual programs highlight a monthly theme of relevance, from climate change to social justice.

The strategic themes are embedded into episodes of the ROMKids Show, including integrating different ways of knowing (The One With The Constellations*1) and dedicated episodes:
-The One About Disability, Dogs, & Dinosaurs*2: palaeontologist Jade Simon joins to discuss accessibility, representation, and how her service dog Basil helps in her work
-The One About Water, Access, & Equity*3: Indigenous educator Justin Kewaquado joins to talk about clean drinking water and how we can make water access more equitable
-The One About Rising Sea Levels*4: Indigenous educator Kaya Joan joins to discuss global warming, rising tides, and their impact on Indigenous coastal communities

The ROMKids Show keeps ROM knowledge relevant by responding to real-time events:
-geologist Dr Kim Tait joined after two major NASA missions, to talk about their goals and how she’ll study the samples (The One From Bennu*5 and The One About Mars & the Rover Perseverance*6)
-mammalogist Burton Lim joins to discuss the news that the ROM’s collection of bats is helping prepare for future vaccines (The One About Bats, Vaccines, & COVID-19*7)


*** Highlight Episode 1: The One With The Winter Birds featuring Mark Peck: ***

*** Highlight Episode 2: The One About The Dinosaur Basics: ***