Inspirational Graffiti Wall: Inspiration is Everywhere by Lyrics & Lattes Podcast

Friday, April 16, 2021: 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Please leave your Graffiti here throughout the Conference!

Please join hosts Jason R.L Wallace and  Trevor DeSaussure, from Lyrics and Lattes Podcast as they sip the newest brew while extracting life lessons, wisdom, and self-development tips from your favorite hip-hop songs. During this event – Jason and Trevor will pull quotes from the graffiti wall and pair them up with hip-hop lyrics to share motivational and funny tidbits from artists. Padlet Wall will be up before the conference for the MW community to submit the inspirations and submit your favorite artists/songs.

We will also encourage members to submit their favorite artists/songs in advance and extract inspiration from them. We believe that inspiration is all around us and to stop looking for motivation and recognize that is always in front of you.  Submit your favorite artists/songs on the Graffiti Wall.

Chair: James Sims Jr.

Inspiration is Everywhere by Lyrics & Lattes Podcast
- Jason R.L Wallace, Lyrics & Lattes Podcast, USA, Trevor DeSaussure, Lyrics and Lattes Podcast, USA, Joshua Bryant, Lyrics and Lattes Podcast, USA