Lightning Talk 4 – Innovation and AR/VR

Friday, April 30, 2021: 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Chair: Heidi Quicksilver

What does immersive mean?
- Kate Haley Goldman, HG&Co, USA, John Russick, Chicago History Museum, USA

Auckland Museum's Love-Hate Relationship with VR
- Guy Annan, Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand

How to Make Immersive Technologies More Equitable: Confronting the Medium’s Colonial Legacies and Role as an Empathy Machine
- Anna Gedal, The New School, USA

Podcasting as a Platform
- Emily Kotecki, Museum Learning Consultant and Podcaster, USA

Art Forest: The Surprise and Delight of a "Game" made with Museum APIs
- Jeff Steward, Harvard Art Museums, USA

La Cristallina Polyphonic Virtual Museum: an international and transdisciplinary Interpretive WebXR museum project complementing a real community museum situated in an unreachable Colombian war zone.
- Suzanne Beer, INREV, Paris 8, France