Test Dates – Short Codes

short = MW21
long = MW 2021
dates = April 5-9,
year = 2021
last_year = 2020
site_url = https://mw21.museweb.net
city = Washington
state = DC

day_tour = Monday, April 5,
day_workshop = Tuesday, April 6,
day_1 = Wednesday, April 7,
day_2 = Thursday, April 8,
day_3 = Friday, April 9,

Made by Rich
annual (as in 25th annual) = 25th annual

Take note that there is a difference between the straight quotes and curly quotes that impacts the coding. Typing the variables is fine as is copying from this page- double check when copying variables from other pages that they work.

Requested but not implemented yet

hotel_date (Monday, March 11, 2019) = MW21
hotel (Sheraton Hotel in Boston Back Bay) = MW21
hotel_code (group discounted rate code MC29AA) = MW21
hotel_link (Sheraton Hotel in Boston Back Bay)= MW21
hotel_number (1.888.627.7054)= MW21
hotel_add (251 South Olive StreetLos Angeles, California 90012 USA)= MW21
info_email (Email Info) = MW21
host_email (Email MW21 Conference Organizer) = MW21
acc_email (accounts@museweb.net) = MW21
co_chair (Shanita Brackett) = MW21

Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel