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Day Activities
Monday April 5th Intoroduction Day
Tours and Workshops
Tuesday April 6th Conversation Day
GLAMi Finalist, Tour, Birds of a Feather, Demonstrations, Social Event: MW Trivia
Wednesday April 7th Leadership Day
Opening Keynote Plenary: Mr. Lonnie Bunch
Lightning Talk 1, Sessions, Tours, Workshops, Social Event: MW GAMESHOW
Friday April 16th Audience Engagement Day
Plenary, Lightning Talk 2, Sessions, App Crit, Inspirational Graffiti Wall: Inspiration is Everywhere by Lyrics & Lattes Podcast
Friday April 23th Pandemic and Digital Transformation Day
Plenary, GLAMi’s Winners, Lightning Talk 3, Sessions, Tours, Web Crit
Friday April 30th Innovation and AR/VR Day
Closing Plenary, Lightning Talk 4, Sessions, Tours, Video Crit, Social Event: Karaoke

The time is Central Daylight Time (CDT). To check what time a session is where you are please use WorldClock.