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Day Activities
Monday April 5th Intoroduction Day
Tours and Workshops
Tuesday April 6th Conversation Day
GLAMi Finalist, Tour, Birds of a Feather, Demonstrations
Wednesday April 7th Leadership Day
Opening Keynote Plenary: Mr. Lonnie Bunch
Lightning Talk 1, Sessions, Tours and Workshops
Friday April 16th Audience Engagement Day
Plenary, GLAMi’s Winners, Lightning Talk 2, Sessions, App Crit
Friday April 23th Pandemic and Degital Transformation Day
Plenary, Lightning Talk 3, Sessions, Tours, Web Crit
Friday April 30th Innovation and AR/VR Day
Closing Plenary, Lightning Talk 4, Sessions, Tours, Video Crit

The time is Central Daylight Time (CDT). To check what time a session is where you are please use WorldClock.